Mobile Device Security

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Portable computers such as notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, when used within the organization, these devices are protected by internal protection systems including Firewall, Intrusion Protection System, Advanced Threat Protection, Endpoint Protection, etc. Nowadays, when the form of work allows employees to work from home or anywhere, these mobile devices when used outside the organization, whether at home, coffee shop or various public areas, the internal protection systems could not follow along. This makes these devices more vulnerable to attack from the surrounding threats. Therefore, mobile security is a suitable solution that can help to protect these mobile devices. Organizations can set their policies to control those mobile devices when used off the premise to access the data or the organization's systems with different access capabilities according to the device's potential and suitability of data security. In addition, if these devices are lost or stolen, the organization can remotely wipe all sensitive data from those machines that could make the management of the organization's mobile devices efficient and more secure. 

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